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To my blogsite - I am just your friendly neighbourhood makeup junkie with an opinion for makeup. Welcome also to join me on my journey towards my #holygrail and Mask-On Looks (eg which lipstick is more transfer free?).

Main feature? How I tackle 4 makeup headaches :

1. Doing a "Wing" for hooded eyes

2. Finding best eyeshadows that dont enhance eye textures

3. Finding dynamite eyeshadows that empower me to create fun & pretty eye looks

4. Create gorgeous eye looks, find the right transfer-free makeup to go with face mask and for video conferencing

If you share the same pains? Join me 

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New Content - Mask-On and Zoom Makeup Looks 2

Life is about rolling with the punches. No thanks to #covid19, now we all have to wear the dreaded face mask as a necessity. Hence how will my makeup change? What about my pretty lipstick that is now covered up? It is gonna transfer like crazy to my mask. Right? So I am adding a new content topic on this. Check it out in my vlog below. Blog and vlog posted 18 | 5. Hope you like it.

Sunday vibes with Lisa Eldrige's Jazz Re

Hello Guys!

Have you been to review sites where the copy and content sounds a whole lot like its taken from press kits belonging to the brands being reviewed? Dont get me wrong - there is definitely a place for content that is more commercial (perhaps even sponsored) and so long as it is quality content - its all good!

For me - unless its to accurately reflect the product's brand integrity and facts; I will only give opinions and reviews of makeup coming out of my own experience of it crafted with my own genuine "heartfelt" words. Even if the content is sponsored, it will be clearly stated too. Just wanna give you guys the heads-up from the get-go so you know what to expect from my content.

So just to get all that out of the way. How are you doing today? Thank you for stopping by and hanging around for a bit (if you wanna know more about me, please head to my blogs here). I believe that makeup should be without rules #norulesmakeup. And should always reflect personality NOT AGE!!.

So off I go on a hunt for my #holygrailmakeup and onto my unusual and unexpected fun journey. Really appreciate the likes, subscription and follow support if you like what I am putting out. Okay time to hit my #spotifyplaylist (sharing with you guys above) and much makeup to unbox and review! Hope you will join me! Be Kind + Be Audacious. Victoria 

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Madame Makeup Monologue

Every Month - Foundation Week - Sorry guys..I am taking a time out due to a family emergency..will be back soon!

One of my Foundation "Headaches" is wondering which offers me the following for 8 hours in sunny hot weather. So if you share the same "pains", hop on to find out before you start shopping. This was why I am curating this to happen in the 4th week of current month to 1st week of following month (pay day weeks).

1. Natural finish (not enhancing textures) yet covers beautifully for 8 hours (in and outdoors)

2. Which formulation will perform better for time-deprived folks like yours truly (liquid or cushion or stick or powder?)

3. Offers active ingredients to fight free radicals etc

4. Transfer-free due to wearing facial mask

Bonus : Certified Cruelty Free 

Get notified by subscribing to my vlog channel for this fun road test journey, click button below. 


Click on Photo to Head to the Vlog

My Unexpected Story

An Unexpected Vlog About Why I am Doing This...

I think its so important to always ask ourselves "why are we doing this?" Knowing the "whys" in life, is crucial to whatever journey we are taking (so I have learnt..#lifeofhardknocks)

Hence I like to reveal my "whys" which I did not blog about in my earlier posts. And other facets of me which I hope will give you guys a "sneak peak" into the makings of this human. I hope it encourages some of you out there, especially during this #covid times? Appreciate if you'd like my vlog or drop me lovely comments there would really mean the world. Vlog link below. #Findyourlight, #bethelight A  


looking for the right pink and berry eye shade but cant find it?  

or dont wanna waste time nor whatever energy's left in you to crawl the internet for the shade you are hunting for? nor wanna waste anymore hard-earned money buying shades that are'nt what you want? sounds familiar?

 check out my compilation of all my thematic shades (over 15 palettes!). i curated this to A) help me curb buying anymore dupes and B) hopefully this will also help you guys whom might be hunting for a specific shade.

also an opportunity for me to pay #homage to my fave eye palettes. i will be using the hashtag below







my blog & vlog on it can be accessed below, while the compilation pdf download + side by side comparison is found in my main menu bar above. hope you guys found it helpful!

PINK & BERRY SWATCHES - DONE - click below hashtag for pdf download



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Madame Makeup Monologue #maturemakeup

Madame Makeup Monologue #maturemakeup

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