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Hi Guys

So as promised in my latest blog (please mouse over to my blog post under the "More" menu bar above) regarding my personally curated list of makeup brands filtered according to "International Shipping" only. If you are a resident of USA and you wish to know which brand ships to which state in your state in USA; just head to and toggle the filters to suit your needs. You may also need to head to for any additional information on "top brands searched for" in your US state.

So anyhoo - here's the complete curated chart (just click on the picture below to download your PDF file) I put together myself. If you know anyone who could benefit from this handy file - a quick snapshot of which popular brands are or arent cruelty-free (certified with the logos only as brands without logos are not confirmed in this status) that offers international shipping. Hope you guys share it with your friends whom maybe looking for a list like this too. That would make my hardwork on this chart all worth it. V


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