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PDF Download #sustainablemakeup | Thematic Swatch & Comparisons - Pink & Berries
Guys, just click the pix on the left to download whichever #PDF #eyeshadowreferencelist you wish. FYI - as there were over 50 shades, I had to very quickly sort them out by swatching various times to get the closest linking shades. So these are the final "Side-By-Side-Comparisons" that I was able to compile. Under natural daylight to Yellow + White (no space to add nire text in pix) LED Lights. And it seems they fell into the following 4 categories, so here are the 8 Reference Charts :
A/ The Popping Bright Lights to Medium Glitters
B/ The Pales to Neons
C/ The Mid-Tones
D/ The Darks
Let me know if it helped you? If you wish to read my reviews on these shades, please head to my blog post HERE. For my 2 vlogs on this head HERE.
Second to report - I noticed the Breaking Records shade from Kylie palette did not swatch nicely when I switched to using my right-hand (see final pix below under "The Darks") as I am a leftie and all the swatches from pix 1 to 6 were done using my left fingers. See how "Patchy" it is? To give my right arm a break from all the cleaning up, I switched to my left arm which required me to use my right fingers to swatch. Though the rest of the shades using my right finger to swatch swatched nicely. How very odd! 
By the way, I am happy to report that from this very laborious hard work of putting everything together - I was able to find 40% of my shades in this theme were dupes. Could you spot it? Is 40% a high number? I feel like it is low by global standards as I suspect most people have around 60% dupes in their collection. What do you think? Till my next entry, stay healthy. V
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