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2nd Baking Test Update - How was it?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hello everyone, just a quick update on my "Baking" test for the second time. I just want to be sure of all my test outs, hence this is to show real quick my result where I did my usual light dusting of LSP on one side (with my usual dense powder brush) and on the other side, I used a wet beauty blender to bake.

Other than experiencing all the similar factors I blogged before, this time I noticed something else - that my undereye shadows seemed to stay nicely in their place of my application on the baked side (even after 5 hours). It's especially obvious on my inner corners, check out both sides and you will be able to spot my inner corner shades on my dusted side was spreading out a bit more than my baked side where it did not budge. My dusted side also performed worst after 5 to 7 hours as blogged about in my previous entry.

Unless I dont mind touching-up every 4 hours, then there will be days I will still dust rather than bake. So my final verdict? I am still gonna continue to use this technique with a wet blender going forward to set my makeup. For those of you who are afraid of looking cakey and overly "makeuppy"; or enhancing crows feet for more mature skin, go with a light hand and experiment with different LSP to get the desired effect that you wish. I have my crows feet and smile lines too but the baking worked well for me as proven. That said, I am definitely going to try and bake with my other LSP from YSL and also my new Too Faced LSP sample that I just picked up from #Sephora, to see if I will be getting different results vs the #nars currently using. Alrighty guys, just to do a quick check-in on this. Stay well and healthy during this crazy season. V

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