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Does More Expensive Equals to Better Foundation? #matureskin #bestfoundation

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hi Guys!

Welcome back to my new blog post. This is my 1st impression review of a more expensive high-end Foundation compared to my current goto drugstore - the Loreal 24 hrs FreshWear (using shade Vanilla). The high-end Foundation in question is the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk (using shade #4), I am medium with neutral undertones btw. The result? Well turns out I am surprised the GA performed well. Not one who thinks more expensive means better hence this comparison. So here is what went down :

My Wrinkles, Crows Feet and Pigmentation

Using this GA on the right side of my face, I found that this side of my face was so much more smoother and my wrinkles and crows feet were quite blurred out well. Compared with my left side using the Loreal, I found my lines were more enhanced vs the GA. this side also felt a notch more parched. Both used the same pea size amount with the same primer, stippling brush and Nars translucent loose powder. Nothing is different so we can compare apple to apple. My pigmentation on my right GA side though was not very covered up. Compared to Loreal I used previously; I found provided better coverage. So I have to use a concealer or build it up, if I want to continue to use the GA.

Finishing and Coverage

Both offered a natural skin-like finish with a more matt feel for Loreal than the GA. My GA side was matt too but offers a dewey effect.

Application Texture and Long Lasting Quality

Both applied really nicely with my same goto stippling brush, both dries down quickly too. Blending was both nice and seamless. So if you are in a hurry, these 2 will be great to put on as you dont need to wait for it to dry down. Both lasted without moving around my skin at around the 6-hour mark. Will be testing if the GA can last well over 8 hrs next time as the Loreal, for me lasted nicely (though with dry spots) after even 9 hrs in my previous wear tests.

My Selection Factor Comparison SFC Chart (Loreal was 58.5 points)

1. Dries Down Quickly - 9/10

2. Active Ingredients - none so just 5.5/10

3. Long Lasting 8 - 10 hours - yes for 6 hours in my last testing 7/10

4. No need touch ups/does not move - quite good including oily-tzone was only mildly oily all day 8/10

5. Do Not Emphasize Mature Skin Lines - 8/10

6. Coverage - more light than medium 4/10, as I would need to build up if I want more coverage

7. Price vs Size - $64 for 30ml at Sephora US site so 5/10 being more pricey

8. Finishing outcomes - matt with dewey finish 8/10

9. Application Ease/Glides on smoothly quickly - 6.5/10

10. Certified Cruelty Free (CCF) Status - No so 0/10

Total Score 61/100

To conclude - If I have the budget I will continue to use the GA over the Loreal due to the reason of emphasizing of fine lines resulting from Loreal. After all, I want makeup to enhance my looks not my wrinkles. Further GA is made in France and Loreal is made in China. I have so far prefer to use products not made in China because of my many personal bad experiences with products made in China. Not to mention makeup sold and made in China are required to be tested on animals there. Makeup made but not sold in China is not required to be tested on animals in China. Please go to #crueltyfreekitty or other great sites on this. That said GA is not CCF either so both are the same playing field for me in this context. Which leads me to my next point that I will be doing a 1st impression review of a fairly new CCF Foundation from Zuii Organics against this GA. Price for GA is of course at least 3 times that of Loreal for the same 30ml size. Zuii's Foundation is priced in the similar range of GA (maybe 10 bucks lower but do goto my next review for the final deets). I typically buy sachets samples to try for my makeup so that I make sure I purchase the right product before committing to a full size product. Thats why I also love SephoraSachets for their amazing range of #samples and #sachets.

So guys, the GA has won over the Loreal for now, until the next better Foundation takes over. So will see. Cant wait to test Zuii soon. Do goto my social profiles for updates. My vlog for this is also posted. YAY! Ok gotta go study for my final exams for 2019. Be audacious and be kind, V

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