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Flowers In Foundation? Zuii Organics Lux:1st Impression Review & Wear Test

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Let me just commence my blog by stating how happy I am to be testing this foundation brand out. For one reason is I truly believe our skin does change with the times and seasons, on top of the reasons of hormonal and stress-related changes too. This wonderful site called Byrdie has an article on being more mindful on caring for our skin and the products we put on our ourselves everyday. That is why I tend to be quite anal when it comes to makeup and skincare where humanly possible.

Hence I have been searching for a good certified cruelty-free foundation that offers more than coverage. As I get older, my products I need should be as "robust" as possible. In other words, offers more to help with my skin changes and even offers protective elements. Of course there must be many other brands out there in the market but just so happens, I came across Zuii and figure I give it a try after reading their product quality and ingredients etc. For the fact that this Australian brand is not only vegan and organic but also certified cruelty free! Whats more - according to their website, the Lux range of makeup which is what I am testing out in this blog; offers ingredients that are anti-pollutant with protective barriers. It is also a luxurious makeup range designed by the company to protect the skin from pollution - I say "come to mama baby". They used a potent blend of many types of #botanicals and #plantextracts like "Pavlova Lutheri Extract" and "Bulbine Fructose Leaf Juice", just to name a few to nourish, protect and treat the skin. When I read through their ingredient list of the foundation, I am of course sold. But of course, being more #moneysmart and #moneysavvy, I prefer to try out some samples before committing to a full bottle. On a side note - no wonder after 30 minutes of application, I was quite blown away and left me quite speechless. In a way like I could feel and see a nice, dewy-like result that seemed to plump up my skin and I dare say made me look a tad more youthful. Yet not "cakey" nor "makeupey" at all!

Compared to the #giorgioarmani (GA) Luminous Silk foundation, it was just different and its like choosing between apple and oranges. To me both offered very different makeup selling points and results. While the GA did make my skin looked naturally covered up but it lacks all the other power-pack ingredients that came with the Zuii. So for this Zuii review, I will not bother to do the comparison chart and score it. As it has already won me over from the GA, with their branding values and brilliant product qualities of being CCF (Cerified Cruelty Free) plus botanicals etc. Whats more, after personally testing it from a 1st impression makeup standpoint, I found that it made me look more supple, lesser lines with more plumped-up skin. In fact I plan to use a tiniest drop with my moisturizer everyday just for added skin protection, will see how this experiment goes.

It is priced at $59.00 from their Singapore website while Giorgio Armani Luminous is at US$64.00 from the Sephora US website. For some reason, Sephora Singapore's website does not offer this brand today. Both are at 30ml each. So from a pricing perspective, Zuii is also more affordable. Duh...?

The Lux foundations comes in 2 options - Flora Flawless and Flora Luminescent. I used the Flora Flawless for this blog mixing both Ivory and Dusk shade together to give me the shade that I found suits me best. As I found the Ivory too light and the Dusk too dull for me. The Flora Luminescent foundation was also nice but the end result I was going for were not that obvious for me. I genuinely love how my #matureskin feels with the Zuii Flawless, the results were as clear as day for me - more plumped and dewy; more youthful which no foundation that I currently owned were able to give me this. So it makes sense that if I have to pick one, I will go for the Flawless.

Check out the results in all the above photo images taken under various lighting conditions. The image under white lights with camera flash shows a tiny tinge of oiliness on my forehead which is normal as I have nor touched up for 7 hours. There were also no flash back for pictures taken with flash lights. The rest of my Zuii face side was also a nice dewy matt throughout the day. My wrinkles and crow's feet were fairly blurred out in a most attractive way. So that was a huge plus for this foundation too.

Also just to add, I also tried the Zuii Face Primer sample, I loved it so much I was out of the sachet by the time I started my content development on this. So I made it a point to order the face primer as well when I do decide to order the foundation too. The face primer was so super creamy and hydrating like no other primer I have ever tried. Most primers just felt like a smooth layer sitting above the skin. But for the Zuii primer, I literally felt the primer sinking deep into my epidermis like pouring water onto the thirsty Saharan desert sand. It is a white creamy texture that felt like butter plus olive oil plus fresh whipped cream (told you I love cooking didnt I?). I was super super surprised that such primers do literally exist. #bestprimerintheworld

So to conclude, Zuii Lux Flawless and Face Primer - you have officially made into my Holy-Grail cosmetics for #bestfoundation and #bestprimers and definitely I wont be using any other foundation until the next better foundation wins over Zuii. FYI - I will be testing the Flower foundation by my fave US actor Drew Barrymore next against this Zuii. Do check it out. So, did I feel like I wore flowers in my foundation? I most certainly did feel like I did by the way it made me feel via the ingredients and how it made me look more youthful (meaning more happiness lol). No wonder they have won numerous awards too. I for one can attest to its awesomeness. Ok, gotta go now and get ready to whip out my credit card to purchase this full 30-ml size Flawless foundation and face primer from Zuii. Till my next blog, be kind, be audacious. V

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