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My No Makeup Casual Makeup Routine

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hi Guys!! Everyone has their own quirky way of doing their quick under 10 or 20 min makeup. Over the years, I found this to be my goto for casual days to run errands, coffee with friends or even few hours' work days. This routine of mine is typically without mascara nor concealer.

There is a method to my madness. Especially when it comes to makeup. I have a love-hate relationship with makeup #truthbetold, because I love how it can really enhance one's looks yet it can be soooooo annoying to put on. I am sure lots of you can attest to this. Especially as one matures, there are so much more things to be done. My to-do list is never ending. Finding time let alone energy is not that easy. Hence, seeing I am crazy about makeup, I have to be creative. No pain no gain guys. As the saying goes - there are no ugly people just lazy ones.


So how do I look awake and a better #versionofmyself without too much effort and fuss? Easy:

1. I used a good foundation to double up as concealer. Case in point the #loreal24hrs is a decent one to start. My 1st review of this foundation is in my previous blog. Please check it out over there.

2. Use a damn good #loosepowder that also has some sparkles. The only one I like and have used forever is #chanel. It sets while also luminizing my skin without adding more drag to my wrinkles. Know what I mean? This powder from Chanel is just awaesome as it does not make me look cakey at all! And the sparkles in the powder just screams "energy".

3. Must put on brows regardless to help liven up my makeup. However I try to avoid brows I always regret it. So it is really pointless to even argue with my brows. And #justdoit. Tho I recommend using a dynamic brow product like #mybrowpen. It's a #microbladding browpen that is quite a genius. So user friendly yet offers a natural outcome. I will be blogging on it soon. But if I want a more bushier thicker brow outcome, I prefer the powdered in a palette version that gets my brows in place under 60 seconds flat. I have a couple of goto and I might blog about it next time. 

4. Use a white shade to waterline my eyes. Magic. The gel creme liners from #colorpop are my top 3 faves as its pigmented with a very light hand and it lasts forever.

5. Lastly eyeshadow and lipstick - for the complete tutorial just head to my Youtube. And voila. I am set. But not complete until the setting spray is used to preserve all my efforts for as long as it can. My goto is the Mac Fix Plus or Iconic London also offers a good one.

So this is basically the method to my madness and here are the products I have used. I just dont use mascara for quick days out. Hope you guys like this blog on how I do my makeup so that it is not too "makeuppy" and my version of a "No Makeup Makeup Look". Ok guys gotta go hit the sack. It's close to midnight. Until my next blog, be awesome and be kind. V

P.s. The pink dots are to indicate which shade were used in this look

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