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How Did the Loreal 24 Hours Perform?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hi Guys, welcome to my 1st impression review of the Loreal 24hrs Freshwear Foundation. So how did it perform for my mature skin? By the way, if you prefer to watch my vlog on this, just head to my Youtube.

So based on my Selection Factor Chart below which I will be using to compare all future Foundations. So far, I am loving this for now until another Foundation wins over. I hope to find a good if not better certified cruelty-free (CCF) brand to replace this Loreal 24 Hours soon. The only downside for coverage lovers is this foundation do not offer much coverage which is fine for me as I typically prefer the less is more look. Plus for mature folks with very little time and collagen lol, this product suits me fine for now. I also do not find it too parched on my skin (that said I do feel my lines are not that smoothen out but it does a decent job with all things considered). I also purposefully use a hydrating Primer and Serum with active ingredients like hyaluronic acids prior to this foundation. In any case, I found myself reaching for this unconsciously due to the ease of application and its quick dry down formula. The only bone I have to pick with this brand is that Loreal is NOT CCF. Hence I dont see myself purchasing more of Loreal branded products where possible and thats why I am on a quest for a good if not better CCF Foundation that checks all my boxes.

My Selection Factor Chart

1. Dries Down Quickly - 9/10

2. Active Ingredients - none so 5.5/10

3. Long Lasting 8 - 10 hours - lasted well at 6-hour mark 7/10*

4. No need touch ups/does not move - quite good including oily-tzone was only mildly oily all day 7/10

5. Do Not Emphasize Mature Skin Lines - 4.5/10, I feel it could be better

6. Coverage - medium 7/10 covered my pigmentation pretty well with 1 layer pea size

7. Price vs Size - Less than $11.48* for 30ml on Amazon so 8/10

8. Finishing outcomes - matt with dryness, not dewy 4/10

9. Application Ease/Glides on smoothly quickly - 6.5/10

10. Certified Cruelty Free (CCF) Status - No so 0/10

Total Score 58.5/100

*exclude all shipping & taxes

*this product lasted well over 8 hours in my other wear tests

The above still shot is the unfiltered result just after my makeup in natural daylight (video below) for authenticity. Do you guys like it? I love that it feels fairly natural on my skin but with a matt finishing (though not dewy, silky nor glassy). Overall , its a good enough foundation for hectic work days on the go or when you have very little time for makeup. I did not even had to do a single blot nor touchups all day (I did go outdoors in hot sun for 6 hours too).

So here is the link to get to Loreal 24. For eyeshadows - I used KKW. Till my next blog guys, may 2019 be your best year and 2020 be a greater year for you! Art

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