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Free Download - List Of #Crueltyfree Brands That Ships International!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hi Guys!!!

Yes and no strings - I dont even need your emails or contact details to get this list. It is REALLY FREE!!! But by subscribing to my channel on youtube or blog wouldnt hurt me. LOL. Otherwise no worries - its entirely free to use if more awareness against animal testing could be further promoted.

So anyway, I am sure you guys have been in the same shoes as I - when we are considering a certain brand of makeup or skincare products to acquire; but cant help but wonder :

a) are they #crueltyfree?

b) if they are - do they ship internationally?

c) are they the most popular brand in USA and out of how many states out of curiosity?

(ok maybe its just me for the 3rd factor). By the time we crawl the sites for all the answers, were would be too tired to do anything else, no? What with work, life, kids, dates, rest time, dreams to fulfil etc etc. Been there?

So finally, I have decided to bite the bullet once and for all, to just compile and curate my own list to put this to bed once and for all. With the help of - credit goes to this awesome site; my list was abstracted from their filters - where I filtered cruelty-free brands who ship international. Also thanks to for the information on brands that are most searched for in respective states of USA (using Google Trends). Hence my curated infographic chart is a merger of these questions to give the answer in one glance or scroll of the finger.

Although just to add that my list is not an exhaustive one, it is at least a start since they are all globally popular brands. If you like to have the full list (13 pages PDF), go to my single pager on this in my "Main Menu Bar". If the brand you are looking for is not found on my full list means A) either the brand do not offer international shipping hence does not surface on my filter, and/or B) the brand could be under the brands found in CrueltyFreeKitty section that is officially selling products that tests on animals.

So now, finally I have the pdf list in my mobile or desktop after 2 days of research and curation. What a great start to my 2020 - where I accomplished something meaningful (well, at least for me it is). It took a bit of work but it's so worth it, as I knew this could also be shared too so anyone could also benefit. Hope you guys like this list for your own usage; and appreciate if you drop me a note, at least I know it helped someone else too. Enjoy. V

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