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"Wow Them" Makeup for Mask-On and Zoom Meetings

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

MASKON Zoom makeup
MaskOn or Zoom Makeup Looks

Hi everyone! How is everyone coping so far? Hope all is well. In this blog, its gonna be about my take and suggestions of perhaps what "looks" you could try and what products works; for going with "Mask-On" days and for "Video Conferencing" like #zoommeetings days. Case in point - transfer-free lipstick and foundation. Not forgetting my main focus is also addressing textured #hoodedeyesmakeup and a more mature skin condition. Tips and tricks will also be included to tackle "zoom+mask-on" makeup. I hope you guys will enjoy this new segment of mine going forward.

Typically I prefer a more neutral no-makeup-makeup look, but due to #covid which disrupted almost everything including makeup (at least for me); the casual "just woke up with this look" just dont cut it anymore unless you are born to look like Carina Lau, Gal Gadot or Rebecca Ferguson. But for me a regular human, I now need a more stronger eye vibe to stand out from the attention of the mask plus being on zoom meetings also means makeup cant be laid back and has to work harder. So that we dont come across as over the top but also not pale and sleepy. If you agree too and would like to also watch my tutorial demo on how I got the look above 👉💜 head to my YouTube.

For this look, I am using the #kyliecosmetics You're So Money Baby Palette because I wanna be sure this is not gonna give me eye texture (as I did get some texture in my own private previous trials). Plus the color story is quite stunning and vibrant enough for the vibe I was planning for this look. Hence I have chosen this palette for the stated purposes.


First - The Palette
Second - The Transfer-Free Lipstick
Third - Results?


The Palette 👉💙 You're So Money Palette by Kylie Cosmetics $28.80 (sale price as at 14|5 onsite) OP $48.00

This palette which I first played with and blogged about on 9 Feb 2020 was my initial trial. After that day, I'd tried it a couple more times including today - hence I'd like to update that compared to my other palettes, sadly this one does give me a bit of texture above my eyelids for the mattes as well as the shimmers. So if you have texture you might wanna reconsider this. I did use the same eye serum and primer so it must be the palette that gave me the dreaded texture. Although the color story is fun and gorgeous but I am feeling that the formula of this baby was more designed for younger or non-textured skin.

💋 It is a great color story for video conferencing facing makeup but if up close, texture will be obvious.

💙 For #maskonmakeup - this is also a good palette due to its vibrant green and hot pink shades. So that the eyes can stand out really strong.

Conclusion 🙋‍💃👉 I have to admit though, with the recent sale price of $28.80 from $48.00 it is a good buy; if you just wanna play with the pretty hot colors that you dont already have in your collection. And if you do not have eye texture. Unfortunately it is sold out as at the date of me publishing this blog, but you could flag it onsite as "LMK" (Let Me Know) so that you could pick it up when they do restock it.

The Transfer-Free Lipstick 👉💋 Liquid Matte from Huda Beauty $27.00

First off - Its the first time I am trying this on and the shade is right off the bat? GORGEOUS. I put on 2 coats to ensure longevity. Did it last long and budge-free? Absolutely. Even after 7 hours where I had a sloppy soupy dinner, kissed my dog several times and drank a number of large cups of water. It was still pretty solid at 9pm, with almost 70% still intact. See pix below.

2 "Cons"

1. I didnt feel as buttery soft or suede like as described onsite. It was a dry matte powdery feel.

2. There were some transfer to my mask as below. But not a whole lot, to me it was quite a faint transfer as per below. Also I kissed my hand to test for transfer and drank cups of water as well. Please see the faint transfers below. Until I test out more liquid mattes from other brands, for now this 1st liquid matte I have tested will be a 5 of 10 for transfer-free quality.

The Result

👍For the purpose of my blog, which is to create a look that would looked great with wearing a mask and during video conferencing - I believe I have achieved it. As my photos can attest that I definitely come across glowing and alert. That said, I believe I can definitely do better and wanna keep coming with more prettier looks to achieve the 2 set goals.

😥 As for the purpose of a transfer-free lippey, I do not feel that this liquid matte from Huda Beauty has done it for me. But the shade color and long-lasting quality are both to die for. So I'd absolutely recommend to wear it for zoom meetings or normal non-mask days. Or if you dont mind changing your surgical face mask everyday which I do not recommend (unless it is soiled) seeing how precious they are nowadays. Cant wait to try the next, hopefully better transfer-free lippey. So do stay tuned to my next blog or vlog if you too are interested with this topic.

Anyhoo, that's it guys. Hope you guys like this one. Do interact with me on my YouTube to let me know ok? And If you like my content, thank you for clicking subscribe on my YouTube. 🙏 Or follow my socials below if you wish to know more about me or for updates 👇 :

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