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Why Am I Doing This? My Story of Overcoming! #coffeechat

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hello beautiful peeps, I think it's about time to talk about why am I doing this, who is Artemis and what I genuinely believe in. I'd always been a sucker for real-life stories - especially those that are inspiring and are filled with a special kind of light that "lifts all boats" if you will. A special kind of strength. Hence, in my latest vlog, I hope to do the same. I hope my true story that shows my #vulnerable side of overcoming my own trials could also be used to plant seeds of light and strength for those of you out there fighting your 'storms' too. So please click My "Whys" & Story to goto my vlog. If you are encouraged by my vlog, or touched in anyway - I hope and appreciate it very much if you'd leave me a great comment. P.s. do get your fave #macchiatto or #puertea or #bubbletea or #pinotnoir ready.

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone good health and not let this #covid19 #pandemic get you down. If you are an extrovert like me, although I also have an introvert side; but I totally understand how this whole "social isolation" can be trying for those of you who are 100% extroverted. Stay strong guys, all I can say is, find things you have always wanted to do at home that have been neglected for the longest time. For me - I am planning to spring-clean my storeroom and sort out my tons of old unused items accumulated over the years; for "the right time" to do it but never seemed to have happened. Well now seems to be a pretty good time dont you think? So please stay healthy, keep exercising and overload with lemon water. Oh, take this time to show extra love and quality attention to your family and loved ones. Now you cant really say you have no time. Till my next post, #findyourlight #bethight. Lots of ❤ V

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