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My Content In A Nutshell #curateandcreate #donthatecreate

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hi Guys, so whats coming up?

Wait, before we get there, am I the only one who is looking forward to the new year of 2020? Just the numbers alone - 2020 is already epic! I am just thankful and grateful that I am still alive and healthy today amidst the many challenges along the way. But that is what will bring us to our destiny if we never give up on ourselves. What about you guys? Are you guys looking forward to 2020?

OK back to my Blog Content that you can expect, there are 4 main spheres (for now) :

1. As there are already tons of great "makeup and beauty how-to" tutorials out there, I am happy to share and/or curate with links back to content I feel offer relevant and just awesome solutions that relate to whatever respective topics I am referring to each time; ideas I feel more people can benefit from and I will definitely share them. No, I am not related or know any of them personally in case you are wondering. I will also of course create my own content to represent my own voice from my perspective and opinions. Some of the beauty #gurus whom I love are HotandFlashy, KinkySweat and WayneGoss.

2. Makeup Impression Tests - where I will curate and/or create content about products from foundations/concealers/eyeshadow palettes to primers and skincare for my mature skin. Including application techniques comparisons and wear tests etc will fall into this category.

3. Unboxing Makeup/Skincare - here I will be unboxing makeup to see the actual products delivered. As I have been a victim of many products that are totally different upon unboxing vs the product featured in the websites or social e-commerce platforms. I hate that and I am on a vendetta against these companies. LOL. I will be using everyday common household staples like an egg or Pepsi can etc (measuring is no fun and so tedious OMG) to illustrate sizes/dimensions to offer a clearer product ratio of the item via screen views. How many times have I ordered products that turned out way smaller or not quite the same as the items advertised. So this is my fun spin on #unboxingmakeup

4. Playing with my Eye Palette Collection - as I love to collect eye shadow palettes hence will be testing and experimenting with them especially on my hooded eyes and mature combo-oily-dry skin condition. Doing swatches under daylight to dim light to using camera flashlights to using brushes through fingers to play with them. End goal is to "get to know" our palettes better. Like a deeper dive if you will but with tons of fun.

To conclude, just to point out that I will definitely be evolving my content as I go but the above will form the overarching direction. Till my next blog,

What is more powerful than hate? LOVE. Kisses V

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