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More Expensive Pans After MakeupGeek Rebrand + My Review

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hi friends, this blog will be a pretty short one : Why? Because my test and review of

#makeupgeekcosmetics rebranded eyeshadows did not pan out (pardon the pun) as I anticipated. Well you can go to my vlog to check out the full story so I wont repeat it here, except just suffice to blog in a nutshell that all my shadows ordered in the visuals below - 26 shades were all discontinued except for 3 - Creme Brulee (my transition in pix below, Showgirl (my inner corner in pix below) and Peach Smoothie (did not get to test for this look below). Once and if I do get my hand on their closest replacement shades' names for my 23 discon shades, I will definitely do a blog entry update in due time.

In the 2nd picture, you can check out the 3 available shades named above, which are still being sold on their site. Call it a freak alignment of the stars if you will, but I shall put it down as #lessonnumberone that I have learnt from this whole experience - and its a pretty good one I must add. So this is why my pans are round while all the new rebranded pans are square. Well, I just have to put this haul in my collectors pile then. I wanna shout out to MakeupGeek for the wonderful customer service to offer to me a full refund for this haul. I am just touched and thankful. Not many brands would give 2 hoots but this speaks a lot about MakeupGeek and I am now more obsess about them than ever.

So moving on to my quick sum-up of my experience of the textures and formulas -

The Pros

Other than the fantastic customer service, if the quality and formulas remain the same as my #badboys (albeit discontinued) above which are now my collectors items - then I must say I will definitely continue to be a huge fan of the brand. Not only it is certified cruelty free (see the bunny logo onsite?) but the texture really wow me over (on top of the coolest customer service I have received, special "shout-outs" to Michelle White and Amber Fox for being attentive and thoughtful). Everything about the texture is just buttery soft, no fall outs, almost zero kick-back, buildable, blendable and definitely pigmented. Hell I actually could blend 5 of their shades for an eye look which is a first for me but definitely not the last.

Moreover guys, the acid test for me personally was when I use it for my inner corner shade. Some other brands I have used do not stay put on the exact spot I have dotted them and want them to be. Many times the texture will spread out and I have to use my fingers or a Q-tip to shape up my inner corners further it nicely hugs my inner corners. But for this brand - Showgirl literally just stay put. I was definitely blown away! Less work more impact. Who doesnt want that? It doesnt budge nor move even after 6 hours. So if I am just reviewing on texture quality alone, then its already a 10 of 10. Showgirl is a pale champagne yellow gold shade that is a matt shimmer and it is currently sold out onsite.

The Con

All their rebranded shades are also more pricier at USD5.49 (matts) to USD7.99 (shimmers or foils etc) for 1.5g per pan. My pre-rebranded rounded pans above I got are 1.8g each (see above) and I paid USD1.80 to USD3.00 per shade. So for simplicity of calculations : my 26 discontinued shades with more grammage per pan set me back USD46.80 (USD1.8 x 26) vs the new shades (with lesser grammage) would have set me back USD142.74 for 26 shades (USD5.49 x 26).

The Look - so to conclude : although it is gonna be more expensive to order my next MakeupGeek products, but due to the attentive customer service and high-quality product offerings; I will definitely continue to be a happy paying customer albeit with lesser haul lol. V

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