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Found My Holy Grail Nude Lip Kit (For Now LOL)

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hello everyone! Further to my latest #unboxingmakeupvlog featuring Rouje De Paris and KKW Beauty; my blog of the former brand can be found in my earlier post. So here is my blog post of the #kkwbeauty lip kits and products that I have unboxed.

I have as all of you, quite a number of #nudelipsticks ranging from a variety of undertones too. But its quite a different level when you have a trio of products dedicated to achieving for you a "nude lip look" aka as a "barely there but still there look". In my picture above, the 3 products I am referring to are from the KKW Ultimate Lip Bundle collection of KKW X Mario called "The Artist and The Muse", consisting of a 1) mid-tone cool nude lipstick, 2) mid-tone nude gloss and 3) medium warm nude lip liner at $40.00 excluding shipping and taxes from their website. Right off the bat, while it is not a super innovative collection in anyway; however having said that, just the fact that all three goes so well together to elevate each other so that your nude look is just so super attractive without trying; deserves to be given due credit for what it is. Although I cant understand why the lip liner is a dark brown shade rather than a beige nude shade, but I am sure KKW thought about this and offered the former color instead. Well, dont know what it is, but it just works like magic. I am always someone who is a sucker for the details, so in this respect, the devil is truly in the details. This dark brown lip liner somehow magically blends nicely after applying the nude beige matt lipstick (His a Mixer) and voila, my lips became fuller and thicker like I had gone for botox. Genuinely! You see in my vlog clip below, even though I had a natural casual eye look, after using this awesome trio, I just looked more groomed and awake too in a most desirably distracting way possible if you know what I mean. All the packaging for the glosses and lipstick were also just normal with a minimalist look and feel. Nothing spectacular about the packaging though at least it was at least functioning nicely. Unlike the packaging for the liners (see below) which were quite annoying.

As for the other 2 items I unboxed are from the "So Fire" collection - 1st is the gloss called "Radiate" and the 2nd is the Eye Liner called "Yellow Gold". I dont have pictures for the usage of these 2 bad boys as yet, but you can go to my latest Unboxing vlog for the actual applications and 1st impression reviews of these. That said, I am loving Radiate a ton as it is described as a soft peach nude with gold pearl, common, who would not look great in that? I love how the gold pearlescent undertone brings out the gold color that is oh so distracting yet again without even trying. Right off the bat, when compared with the earlier "Proud of You" gloss, it was obviously different in shade to match with the eye look you want. The devil is in the details and I love the details in the glosses from KKW. It is also not so tacky on the lips for both glosses yet gives me a nice glassy look. The feeling I got was a "soft kissable emollient" lip texture which also makes me feel like I wasnt wearing any gloss. You know how some glosses when worn, makes you just dont want to eat or drink anything for fear of staining the utensils? Well, I dont get that with these glosses. In fact, I genuinely did not feel any yucky lip feeling after putting it on. Both glosses are priced at $18.00 each from their website. Its not the most affordable price range to me but yet not so far off reach, so I find these glosses to be in the sweet spot price range to me.

Here are the swatches from white light to natural day light.

I plan to do a nude lip swatch comparison with my other nude lipsticks including these from KKW in future. For now, all the above except the yellow gold eyeliner are winners for me and will be using a lot going forward. The yellow gold eyeliner is a disappointment as I love the color shade so much but I genuinely dislike the soft mushy texture that breaks off very easily with slightest exertion. To make matters worst, the packaging of both the eye and lip liners suck big time, the cover keeps slipping off by itself and it is super annoying to use. So all in all, the above items were a happy journey and addition to my collection except for the eyeliner texture and the cover holders for both liners. Arighty guys, till my next blog, hope you guys enjoyed this blog. Go to my vlog for more deets. Have a great week ahead! Be kind, be audacious. V

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