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More Dimensions Of Me

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hi guys in my 2 earlier introductory blogs where I gave you a sneak peak into who I am and what my blog is inspired by and dedicated to. But I figure there are still more dimensions of me other than makeup and beauty that you might want to know about so to give you a wider context :

1. I love dogs (I do rescue work on the side) and wasting time. I love kindness in all shapes, form or fashion. Those 2 in the photo are my furkids, the 25 kg one was one I helped rescued from the streets and I feel so gratified and honored to be part of a society of great unsung heroes in Singapore and around the world, who work tirelessly and sacrificially day in and out for our dogs everywhere. I hope to adopt more dogs in the future.

2. I am not a makeup artist, everything about makeup and skincare has been self taught and learnt. That said, I have just earned my Advance Diploma EQF Level 5 Certification in Makeup and Beauty from Shaw Academy. So that was super cool.

3. I have also earned my EQF Level 5 Advance Diploma in Digital and Social Media Marketing as I am a luxury brand marketeer by profession for 20 years now. Plus being Google Certified last week (Nov 2019) was also another great milestone for me personally. #neverstoplearning

4. All my photos/videos here will not be filtered nor edited for authenticity and my blog and vlog are not sponsored in any way, form or fashion. I will declare if otherwise of course.

5. I love great food pairing tasting menus with great champagnes like Veuve and Krug (I used to work for them too). I love fashion but I dont follow styles and trends blindly, I love cooking and am a great fan of Martha Stewart and Gordon Ramsey. For music, I totally still love the sounds of Bee Gees, Earth Wind and Fire, Motown, some rap, Jay Chou and Fat Boy Slim. Even Guns and Roses!!! Haha yes that era.

6. To conclude this blog, in the grand scheme of things, I hope to earn more pocket change for causes with Dog Shelters and Orphanages (yup because I understand how growing up without parents feel like). Well if this dream happens, it will be the icing on my cake for sure. #bethechange #dontgiveuponyourdreams. If not, at least I wont wonder "what if" when I am too old to even get out of the rocking chair. #notimeforregrets. Alrighty guys enough chatter about me. Thank you for joining me on my unexpected and #audacious passion journey! Till my next blog...Forgiveness Always Wins! V

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