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Hi, I Am Victoria..Nice To Meet You!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hi Guys!

My name is Victoria Lee, my older pals and family call me Gayle. So....

Anyhoo, I am excited to be starting this personal blog that is fully inspired by and dedicated to all things that's beautiful in the world of makeup and beauty; especially for mature #genxskin. As I am also a "generation-Xer" (proud to be one and even towards the tail end), hence I also have a secret vendetta against ageing. Sshhh! Dont tell anyone. So this is where my the journey begins..turns out I found this to be surprisingly cathartic or therapeutic.

As there are already tons of great "how to do this and that" tutorials out there, some of whom I personally love like Wayne Goss, Kinky Sweat and Hot and Flashy; I wont be doing a lot of "how to do this and that" but my blog is 1 part a curation of great sites out there which I will be sharing a lot here for your convenience, plus also 1 part my own fun interpretations and creations representing my own makeup and skincare voice in this space - such as "How I do my Hooded Eyes for Years" or "Which Foundation is Best for Mature Combo-Oily Skin" etc. In essence, I like my blog to be like a repository of all things beautiful in makeup and beauty with the focus on "beautiful (inner, outer and a kinda spirit if you will)", 'fun" and "mature skin".

A quick snapshot of my skin condition :

- smile lines, wrinkles, crows feet + pigmentation, dullness (SLWCF+PD), please remember this acronym which I will be using pretty frequently

- my skin type is combination oily t-zone with dryness on cheek areas

- I have a medium color skin tone with a neutral undertones (silver, rose gold or yellow gold jewelry works well with my skin tone fyi because of my neutral undertones)

- I have a hectic work lifestyle living under humid weather meaning typically not much time to spend on makeup if possible I always go for products that does double duty giving me the bang for the buck in time savings

- my type of makeup style falls between a sense of contemporary mix with elegant edginess leaning towards minimalism and less is more approach

- my 2 personal Life Mantras : Heart must always be prettier than clothes worn, Never compare yourself with others (everyone is beautiful in their own & Makeup should be an expression of my personality and style never my age!

- my favourite hashtags/vision in life - #bethechange #purposedrivenlife #beautyforashes #fordogskidsshelters #lifeisshort #seizethemoment #payitforward #dontgiveuponyourdreams #caravansofcamels

So that's it for now. Thank you for joining me on my surprising yet audacious journey where most people would say "forget it". Be Audacious Be Kind Always, V

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