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My Content Philosophy And Key Drivers

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hi Guys,

From my previous introduction post earlier, I shared about who I am and why am I on this journey. To give you more depth of what to expect from my blogs, here is a quick snapshot of the following?

1. Authenticity, positive energy and a space that is relaxing and empowering. Makeup and beauty is a after all a fun and empowering topic. So this is my personal escape channel and I hope to present this space to be one that you find relaxing yet empowering too. You will not expect to see me being super militant and serious about matters concerning makeup and beauty here, that said, though I do have some clear strict guidelines and deal breakers. But gosh common, if I use 1 foundation with some alcohol content, my life is not over. I can still mitigate the skin drying out by religiously using tons of serums with active ingredients (in fact twice a day for mature skin if possible).

2. A balance approach and standpoint so you wont find my blog to represent a militant tone of voice. You will find me using more products (not 100% just more) that are more organic, plant based and where possible only Certified Cruelty Free (CCF). You will see me using this "CCF" acronym as an indicator. If the brand in my Blog is not indicated with a "(CCF)" means it is not CCF or I have no information on it. A brand says it is Cruelty Free does not mean it is until they are certified by an authority body to audit it with all the checks and balances in place to abide to and given the Bunny Logos as below. For example, a brand may say it is CF in their brand messaging, but if they are not certified by a third party with authority, how can we as enlightened consumers accept that? Makes sense? Anyway to get more of your own knowledge on this important topic, please go to great websites such as


which are some of my favourite sites on this.

  • 3. Social Good - you will expect to find me also supporting product brands with a larger mission statement than profits and sales. Such as case in point - Karity Cosmetics funds dog shelters with every item sold (a percentage of proceeds I believe) called Palettes for Paws (what an awesome Project title I might add) or Thrive Causemetics, they give an item to women in need with every item sold.

4. Products' Efficacy - for my mature skin with wrinkles, crows feet and pigmentation, as mature skin needs more active ingredients if possible twice a day, so I typically want products that offers more bang for the buck together with the bells and whistles too. You can expect to find me being mildly forensic in this due to my skin condition but again not militant.

5. Strange and Fun Methods to my Madness - due to my time-deprived lifestyle and living in hot humid weather means I typically am inclined to not want too much fuss nor frills. I take the subway a lot most of the time to be totally real, so I am as demanding if not more, from my makeup results and applications etc. You can expect me to find short cuts or even creative methods to get to the results I want.

Finally I leave this blog with one of my beauty lighthouses - makeup should NEVER reflect my age but always my personality. Till my next blog, have a lovely December 2019, V❤

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