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#sustainablemakeup|Thematic Swatches Compilation - Pink and Berry | Homage To My Faves Part 2

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

So.. to continue on with Part 2 of my "Pink and Berry" swatches and First Impression Review (FIR), lets start. I hope you guys will be able to find a shade that you want from my compilation or at least do your own compilation so you dont purchase anymore of the same shade. Try to make a dupe from your current collection before jumping on to whip out your credit card to purchase the next shiny palette just for that shade which you already have in the end. I can so relate LOL; which was what led me to develop this content in the first place. Also I want to give a shout out to this awesome babe @alexmakeuptalk (her IG account) who also has a pretty cool content related to #sustainablemakeup.

So without further ado, here we go.

Rose - Satin Hot Pink

Rosewood - Deep Berry Pink Matte

One of my fave #indiemakeupbrands - Ace Beaute, in this inspirational palette and colour story, you will find two romantic shades that suits my theme today. Right off the bat, both these textures are super buttery, pigmented and soft not at all powdery in any way. No issue with fall outs and kick backs. Rose is a red-rose-pink cranberry, to me it is more muted in terms of how you would imagine a "hot pink" would pay off. Not a true "hot pink" to me as described onsite. It also has a soft golden tangerine sheen to the satin finishing. Rosewood is a gorgeous deep berry matte pink as it is described onsite. The colour is exactly what you see from the pan. Again I love the buttery texture and zero fall outs. Seems blendable enough for now, until I actually try them on my eyes with the other shades. Such a sexy shade to use for deepening out my outer "V". That said, whether these formula will give my eye more texture or not, I will definitely post updates.

Hay - Metallic Peachy Pearl

Earth - Deep Wine Matte

Clay - Matte Burgundy Red

I got this second palette from Ace Beaute as the colour story is so different from Quintessential. Classical Paradise is super sunny while Quintessential is more romantic melancholic. Anyway, lets get to the shades in question. Hay - a metallic peachy pearl described onsite, is a super pretty ballet slipper pink shade, all their shades have so far offered me the same butteriness in their formula with minimal fall outs when line swatching. Yes there is a very strong pearly metallic finish for this shade. Its lovely and takes my breadth away. Cant wait to use it. I want to compare this to my ABH's Pink Champagne and will put it up on my "Side-by-Side Comps Swatch" (SBSCS) found in my main menu bar next week. I should stop buying anymore of these "ballet slipper pink" shades as you can see, I already have two. In fact if memory serves me correctly, there is at least one more shade that has a "ballet slipper pink" tone. See? I should have compiled this long ago. Okay, anyway catch my SBSCS coming up.

Earth as you can see from my above pix, is very similar to Rosewood from Quintessential above right? Although Rosewood is more redder and channeling more brown raspberry vibes, while Earth offers a more chocolate mauve-y vibe moment. All shades so far are true to the shade I see from the pan. Not a bad thing. Clay, the final matte shade, a matte burgundy red, to me this is more red with slight orange hues than burgundy red. For my skin tone, I dont take to orangey-red very well, especially when I have hooded eyes that has a slight #goldfish fold on my crease - any orange that is too warm and bright reddish will enhance my hooded eyes much more. So if I wanna use this shade, I need to be super light-handed and only for outer under-eye areas. I definitely dont see myself using this shade for upper eyelids in any way, form or fashion.

Quick update - In my vlog I actually swatched the Soiree shade because it looks pretty rose pink from the pan, but the moment I swatched it, and the more I look at it the more it is giving out a golden bronze moment (see above) vs a pink or berry moment. Hence I have decided to remove this shade from this theme and will include it into my Golden Bronze theme next time. Also my bad guys, I think I'd omitted another shade from this palette which is more suitable for this theme here - it is called Sugarplum (see above) - a shimmer pale pink lavender vibe type of shade. It offers a shift from silver to purple to lavender to pink at different light reflecting angles. It is pigmented but most of the shades are more towards the moderate intensity range of pigmentation. Not as pigmented where a tiny dot goes a long way. For this shade I need to apply a few layers before seeing the full beauty of the colour payoff. If you know me by now, I have no qualms using shades that are moderately pigmented - for days when I have no time to blend and buff till the cows come home; and/or dont want to look too made-up. Its a great palette for visiting the in-laws or meeting your potential future mother-in-law for the very first time #nervouswreckmoments. Dont get me wrong, even for sexy dates where you want to present a more "sassy-womanly" vibe, this is a great palette too, because it could be amped up without being overly dramatic or come off too strong: hence achieving a less-is-more look. This is why I love this bad boy too. That said, for Sugarplum I think Otaku from Nomad is fairly similar to this one. No?

For the above pix, kindly ignore the Soiree line swatch from Iconic London as clarified above. For Tokyo Harajuku from Nomad, another #indiemakeupbrand I adore, there are three shades suited for this theme :

Gyaru - a Satin Orchid Bloom is the girliest of girly-pink colour that you would imagine on ribbons that any cute babe on the streets of Tokyo Harajuku would wear on their pig-tails. The texture of all three shades from these palette are buttery soft and velvety. Though there were a bit of fall outs and kick backs though all were minimal and negligible. Gyaru is so pretty and velvety soft to the touch - I wanna use it right away on my upper eye lids and do a look right now as I am typing this. Its a typical pink with a good pink payoff I'd expect. But because this is a pastel palette, so the look I want to achieve would be more casual prettiness to girly-sexiness. Unless I team up with other palettes to give me a different look.

Lolita - a Satin Pink Sherbet - now for this baby I love everything about this shade because it gives out a very candy hot pink moment, almost neon pink but not quite kinda vibe. Texture is velvety soft. However, this baby when comes to cleaning time is a drag. It took me 5 cleanses and even then only 90% of the pink shade came off of me. Its not until more than 1 day later that it completely came off. Dont know why this is. Do you guys also have the same issue?

Otaku - a Metallic Iridescent Pink with Ice Blue Crystals - true to its description onsite, I did get to see all that during my swatch. Its super gorgeous and I do love the texture of this metallic shade, whereby my dry finger could easily pick up the pigments with one light swatch; and I could immediately see the colour payoff. Plus the velvety pigments are so finely milled together that the iridescence truly spread out nicely. I feel I can definitely use this metallic shade on my upper lid (without crossing above my crease) without worrying about giving me more texture. This is rare to me to feel this way about any metallics, which by the way the next palette also has metallics that are also #mygem.

There are 5 shades that fall into today's category:

First of all, let me say that this palette is genuinely one of my top five faves, from the fun and vibrant colour story to the payoff to the texture and finishing. There is nothing I do not like about this palette and almost 90% of the shades I'd tried? I love them all. From buttery texture to high colour pay off to minimal fall outs if any (most don't and even the shimmers did good), the shades I tried were also emollient enough to not enhance my lid textures. Most swatched as beautifully as they performed on the eyes. I did use this palette a number of times as all the colours were calling out my name LOL everyday; I can't resist leaving it alone. Haha.

Breaking Records - Matte Rich Maroon - Exactly as what we see on the palette, deep rich maroon (which is a deeper red with more browns vs magentas which has more purple in them). Super pigmented - a little goes a long way. I love using this hue to smoke out my outer "V" and lower lash line. Love this shade which complements my skin tone super well.

Long Money - Matte Magenta Pink - This is such a pretty pink that reminds me of a bitten lip. It is beautiful from the pan to the lid. I love how rosy pink with overtones of softness. Such an awesome colour to use as a standalone for casual moments.

Work For It - Matte Ballet Pink - This shade to be honest, looks more beige than pink but upon using on lids or swatches, you will be able to see the pinkish undertones peeking through; in the most gentle way too. A great transition colour to blend with other lighter shades for a day look!

Goal Setter - Metallic Electric Pink - this was one of the culprit shade that screamed at me and made me pickup this palette to be honest. It is a great balance between a hot pink with a soft dusty-rose pink. Loud enough to be heard but not so loud that made me look like I am needy for attention. This was the perfect metallic pink for me - well almost perfect as I believe there will always be a more perfect metallic pink LOL. Anyway, the metallics in this palette are one of the most surprising discovery for me as far as this palette goes. As the texture allows super colour payoff with one light dip into the pan, and yet I hardly see any major fallouts during applications.

Please use the photo below for my review on the final two shades for this palette :

First my bad guys, but I think doing 15 palettes in one go might have confused me a little. But in my vlog I think I swatched "22 Candles" using the "Twenty Two" shade instead, apologies. So in my vlog its the "Twenty Two" shade that I swatched not "22 Candles". So sorry about that. So here goes :

Twenty Two - Metallic Pink with Purple Green Glitter - can you see the pretty pink bursting through below? So pretty. It swatched super nicely but I have yet to use this on lid so will update in future vlogs and blogs. No fall outs and kick backs. No need wet brush or fingers for my swatch applications.

22 Candles - Metallic Warm Mauve with Pink Silver Glitter - sorry I left this out in my vlog so here you go. It is similar in quality as Twenty Two. Also beautiful and breadth-taking to use for a romantic date look.

There is only one shade called Kai Kai for this blog, it is described onsite as a bright matte pink and it is. However it has a slight purple blue undertone upon swatching in person. In photo, you will now be able to see it as well. Very buttery smooth and moderately pigmented (as I need a few layers to get a full colour payoff) with zero kick backs or fall outs. Will see how it performs when I use it.

Lxtli - I could not find any shade description onsite, but the shade from what I am seeing from the pan; is a matte super baby pink shade, like what you would expect to see when you enter a newborn baby girl's room. Upon swatching though the pink pigments were not as loud and became milder in strength. Hence it swatches more like a dusty baby pastel pink. Great velvety soft texture but not super pigmented and requires few applications to surface the true colour.

Necahual - This pink is a hot pink with a strong red undertone. Super pigmented upon one swatch application and buttery as Lxtli too. A pretty one but I dont think I can use this for my entire upper lid due to its strong red undertone. I would use this as an "enhancer" if you will, to give my other shade more depth in my outer "V" but otherwise I wont be using much of this shade I dont think.

Star Palette 14 Makeup Addiction Vintage

Cranberry Crush - The only hue suited for this theme, it swatch like a dream as it is buttery smooth with no fall outs nor kick backs. Though I am picking up a bronzy gold vibe on this shade more than cranberries. I am not getting any berry effect from this shade to be honest. But from the pan it looks very dusty rose cranberry pink. But on swatching more a bronze gold moment as you can see from the above pix. Great news, although this palette is out of stock onsite currently but I found it on Coma Makeup in above link for you.

Star Palette 15 Xuri

Amara - Such a pretty soft pink shade, this has a slight shimmer finish. Beautifully swatched, buttery soft, minimal kick backs and fall outs. The shade is exactly what I see on the pan - soft dusty rose pink with a very slight mauve undertone.

Sangria - A shimmer brick red to rose cranberry shade, super pigmented with just one light dip into the pan. Much more pigmented than Amara which requires more building up. Texture wise is the same with great buttery-soft quality. Although I must say these formula from Xuri feels so much more "wet" on the finger. Vs other palettes where I dont feel so much watery moistness in the texture. Not a bad thing for now until I see how it performs on my eyes.

Reina - A matte mauve-y berry shade, buttery soft, zero kick backs and fall outs compared to Amara and Sangria. I feel this shade is giving me a more magenta vibe moment with a slight purple undertone. Such a great shade to smoke out the under eyes. The link above is to their IG page as I dont know why but I cant locate their website for some strange reason and they also have not replied to my messages on this. So.

Voila, there you have it. PHEW! All 15 palettes of Pink and Berry shades compiled and logged. I hope all my effort was at least helpful to someone out there or even helped you find "the one"? LOL. Please let me know - would genuinely love that. Anyhoo, I am now gonna proceed to do the "SBSCS" paper (free PDF download) of all the approximately 56 shades to further give a more clearer reference list for anyone to use conveniently. Please head to my main menu bar for the download; out next week...yay!

I am so happy this is now done, now I am able to use this list to refer back before I add anymore similar palette or single shadows to cart. #sustainablemakeup #sustainablebeauty Hope you guys enjoyed this blog as much as I did. Next theme? I am feeling "Greens and Emeralds". So check in again if you plan to hunt for a shade in this theme. Bye for now....keep well and healthy, V

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